Thursday, August 9, 2012

Earring Holder

Hey readers!
I have a great and cheap idea to organize your earrings! I own over 40 pairs of earrings and had them all shoved into a jewelry box. Needless to say they got tangled and finding their pairs took FOREVER!

Sorry, had a nerd moment. Gotta love The Sandlot. Anyways, I always wanted an earring holder but did not have the money to splurge. I mean check out these prices!

So, one of my favorite things to do is go to a garage sale or church attic sale. This particular time I was at a church attic sale. I'd like to say I was being altruistic and helping out the church, but really I was helping out my bank account. The first thing I came across was a box of old picture frames, and the gears started turning!

I was thinking if I could find old screen somewhere I can attach it with a staple gun and voila, earring older. So, I picked out a thick, sturdy frame for 50 cents. Score! Then, I wandered around some more and lo and behold, there was an old screen left from a door, that a woman was selling for 25 cents because her cat tore it up. I measured it to the frame and there was just enough to fit that didn't have a claw mark. Sold!

While, wandering some more I found a small can of old wall paint for 50 cents, and now I have all that I need to make my earring holder. Yay!

I brought all my stuff home and got straight to work. 

I took out my plastic work space tray, and started to sand down the frame. Then, I dusted it off, and painted it. Once it dried, I stapled the screen to the back, and started to assemble my earrings onto it. This holder has become a huge hit among friends and family. 

I also use it to hold my hair clips :)
Since then I have experimented with this design and turned it into fabulous gifts for friends and family. I started going to the craft store and for under $12 I can find all that I need. 
1. I used cheap thick frames (sturdy enough to not break from the pressure of a staple gun)
2. I bought needlepoint screens (those plastic ones that come in all colors)
This kind, without the awesome superhero logos
3. I got cheap scrapbook paper, a foam brush, and mod podge instead of paint 
4. Then, I went home and decoupaged the frame with cut scrapbook paper, stapled on the screen, and bought a cute pair of earring to top off the gift :) Unfortunately, I already gave these gifts away and don't have any pictures but they came out fabulous. In my opinion, I prefer my first technique as it is a great way to recycle old materials. I am a treehugger!

Happy Crafting!

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