Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun with Fabric Pens

When I was in Grad School, I was really tight on money. So, one year I decided to make all of my Christmas presents. One of my gifts involved making my boyfriend a nerdy Star Craft II themed T-Shirt (he's a pretty big gamer). I went to my favorite craft store and bought a plain black t-shirt and some fabric pens. I wanted a distressed look, so instead of the bright yellow Protoss (one of the races in SC) symbol, I decided to make it white.


The other day, while I was in the crafting mood, I decided to re-vamp a boring white tank top. I took out what was left of the fabric pens and just started drawing on my shirt. I was surprised with how well the shirt came out. In fact, the next day at work people were asking me where I got my shirt.

Using fabric pens are really easy. The directions are on the box, but just in case, this is what I did. 

First, I washed the shirts.
Then, I placed a piece of cardboard inside the shirt.
Then, I drew on the shirt, and let it dry.
Finally, I threw it in the dryer for 10 min to let the ink set.

The fabric pens that I used are machine washable, so no need to wash the garments separately. Score!


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