Sunday, August 12, 2012


As I had mentioned before I am a treehugger. I decided to organize my recycling habits. I went out and bought some colored containers and then labeled them with card stock. Voila, new recycling bins! If you're wondering where my aluminum cans go, I have a separate larger bin supplied by my landlord (I drink way too much soda, thanks video games).

Today, I was organizing all my technical stuff, and found  I had a lot of things to get rid of (old cell phones, cords, CDs). I decided it's better to recycle the stuff than have it sit in a landfill.

The first option was to see if I can make a profit online (Amazon, Ebay,, and of course my stuff isn't of value.

I ended up doing some online research to see where I can recycle these items. I learned that some people craft with CD/DVDs, VHS tapes, Floppy Disks, etc. However, I was leaning more towards recycling than crafting.

Here are some useful recycling links.

Tree Hugger and Earth911
These sites are good to ask questions or look for ways to help with the environment

The CD Recycling Center of America
This organization will collect your old CDs and DVDs. You just pay for shipping.

Cell Phones for Soldiers
This non-profit organization will recycle your old cell phones and turn the profit over to pre-paid calling cards for soldiers. It supports all branches of the US Military.

This for-profit organization will recycle all technical items (computers, cords, CDs, cell phones, etc) for a fee, depending on the weight of your items.

I've decided to send my old cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers, and my old CDs to the CD Recycling Center of America. I eventually want to set up my apartment as a drop off center for these organizations. 

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