Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slender Game Review

My boyfriend's college friend introduced us to the game Slender last night. Slender is a FREE online first person horror game. The goal of the game is to wander through the foggy woods searching for 8 pieces of paper before the Slender Man gets you. The Slender Man is a paranormal entity that drains your sanity the closer you are to him. The website explains the legend of the Slender Man. He reminds me of the Midnight Man, which is another urban legend.

The Midnight Man is said to be part of a Pagan ritual to punish people. I don't believe it's Pagan because I've read a lot of books on Paganism and know a few Pagans. It sounds like a Bloody Mary game to scare people. Basically, you do a simple ritual to summon the Midnight Man and have to keep moving around in the dark  from 12:01am to 3:33am with only a candle as your light source. If the Midnight Man is near you, your candle will go out, you'll feel chills, hear whispers, or see him. If the Midnight Man catches you, you'll get hallucinations of your worst fears. See how these are similar?

Anyways, before you start the game, make sure it's night time and that your sound is on. I encountered the Slender Man 5x before I was caught. 3x I saw him. One of the times I found an abandoned car, and when I was looking through one side he was on the other, which was very cool/creepy. 2x he was just near me and my screen would get static. It is really hard to find the notes in the game, and he is definitely tailing you the whole time.

Here's some reactions to the game!

Anyways, I thought Slender was a good suspenseful game and I would definitely play again. The concept is really simple and effective. I hope you get as much fun out of the game as I did.

Happy Gaming :)

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