Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm on a fitness kick!

I was on Groupon and found a 10 day pass for $39 for a kickboxing class. I used to participate in a karate fitness class when I was an undergraduate, and I loved how how it made me feel. I had more energy and it diminished my stress, plus that was the time when I was at my peak fitness level! So, I decided to take up kickboxing again, and all of a sudden I ended up being on a fitness kick.

I started running everyday before work (sometimes before the sun comes up). I realized my Pumas are not that great for running, so I found some semi-minimalist sneakers online at a decent price. Apparently, if it's your first time shopping on they provide you with free shipping. Score!

So that I don't get bored with getting fit I've decided to vary my routine.

1. I'll go to kickboxing once a week until my Groupon expires, then I'll figure out if I want to continue or try another class.

Make sure you wrap your hands, it helps reduce bloody knuckles

2. I will try this 10 week course and alternate easy/hard runs.

Easy Run Schedule

Hard Run Schedule
3. I will add this workout to my weekly routine (at least twice a week)

4. I will incorporate yoga a few times a week to help stretch my overworked muscles. Does anyone know of good yoga classes in the DC area? I am stuck to workout DVDs until then.

I've also decided that in order to feel the progress of my workout, I will uptake physical activities. Right now I am in search of a good ultimate frisbee league in the area. I am also interested in hiking, tennis, and whatever else I can participate in. I am also going to sign up for a couple of 5k's in order to prepare myself for the warrior dash and eventually a tough mudder (the goal is to do this next year).

Part of my motivation comes from a book a friend showed me...Running the Edge. It's an inspirational book for runners to help you become a "distance maven," as they call it. I got it for free during their anniversary promotion, and I also discovered the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, which is a free download to read e-books on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Score!

Once I get more into my workout regimen, I can start talking about the positives/negatives and how to improve the workout. I know that right now I'm a little all over the place and have serious high expectations. Happy training :)

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