Monday, October 29, 2012

Knee Support

Since I got into my fitness kick, I've re-visited my knee issues. My knees started to bother me back in high school when I started track. I used to get a build up of synovial fluid. Then I did soccer and made things worse. Once, I started Grad School I was too busy to do any kind of recreational activities, besides the occasional game of ultimate frisbee. So, my knee problems went away, but now they are back.

For knee support I tried using a knee brace, but it's bulky and cuts off circulation. With the cold weather approaching I'd prefer to run in spandex pants, but the bulkiness gets in the way.

A couple of my friends told me to try  KT tape. In fact one of my friends gave me a few pieces to try. I first saw kinesiology tape during the 2012 Olympics. So if Olympians are wearing it, it must be good right?

I must say my first run with it went pretty well. So, I guess I'll have to invest in this :)

I recommend having a PT apply it to you, but the video is pretty straight forward...

See, fool proof.

Happy running :)

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