Monday, March 4, 2013

My Attempt at Hair Chalking

Everyone seems to be talking about chalking these days, and since I always wanted to put blue dye in my hair, I figured I should try this first.

What you need:
A job that doesn't care if you color your hair crazily
Clothes that you don't care about dirtying up
Chalk pastels
Curling iron or straightener
Water ( a spray bottle would be helpful, I just showered beforehand)
disposable gloves (optional, I can't work in gloves and since I'm artsy, I love getting my hands dirty)

Online directions:
First, wet a section of hair (about an inch wide). Then twist the hair. In a downward motion (you don't want dreadlocks, or maybe you do), apply color, as much as you want. Seal with heat. Go to next section.

Things I noticed:
Dark hair makes me sad.
I have really long hair...almost time to donate again!
The color shows up better when applying dry, but it won't last as long.
Pastels break in half easily or I just have strong hands (which I doubt, you should see me cap tubes in the lab).
Everything in the bathroom gets coated with chalk....clothes, hands, sink, hair straightener, brush, floor, etc
I will probably have a messy pillow tonight

The end result:
Hey that's the shirt I made with fabric pens, yay!

Happy coloring :) i hope your results come out better than mine.

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