Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick Penne Rosa Recipe

After a long day at work, followed by my chiropractor/physical therapy, I stopped at Trader Joes. I wanted to buy fresh vegetables and make something new for dinner. I like the penne rosa at Noodles & Company so I decided to make my own recipe. Bear with me as I was trying to come up with a recipe to serve 2 and have leftovers for lunch the next day (slight adjustments to the amount of pasta and vegetables will give you plenty for a dinner party). This is a very basic meal and has room for improvement.

Noodles & Company

Note to self: Get a better camera. 

Anyways, here are the instructions...

whole wheat penne
extra virgin olive oil
crushed red pepper
freshly chopped basil leaves
alfredo sauce
tomato sauce
freshly diced tomatoes
sliced white mushrooms 
baby spinach
crumbled feta cheese

1. Cook penne pasta according to directions. I added salt to the water prior to boiling to add flavor and make it boil faster (science fact! Salt lowers the boiling point and thus the water will come to a boil faster). I also added some olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking. Prepare the rest while the water is boiling and everything should be done when the pasta is ready (I am all about efficiency). 

2. In a sauce pan, combine 2 parts alfredo sauce with 1 part tomato sauce (yay it's all pink and pretty)! Add chopped basil leaves and some crushed red pepper for flavor. Want more flavor? Add some ground pepper, minced onion, and some garlic powder (or just add Italian seasoning). Set heat to low and stir frequently.

my bunny loves when I have fresh basil, om nom nom

3. In a frying pan, saute the mushrooms in olive oil. Then add the spinach and let it cook down. Finally add the tomatoes and heat through. The amount varies based on how many you are cooking for. I used half a bag of spinach, 4 mushrooms, and 1 tomato. This was enough for 4 small servings. 

4. Once, the pasta is drained, scoop into a dish. Add a couple spoonfuls of the vegetables. Drizzle on the sauce, and sprinkle some crumbled feta on top. Take a terrible looking photograph (or maybe a better one than I did) and Voila! Dinner is served.

Happy eating :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

DIY No Sew Cut Up T-Shirt

I have the Color Run tomorrow (I'd say yay fitness, but my knees have not been kind to me lately)! Anyways, I decided that I didn't want to ruin any of my awesomely nerdy t-shirts (even if they were only six bucks)! So, I went through my home-made Halloween costumes and found this...

You are probably wondering what kind of Halloween costume this was. Well, it was last year during the whole Psy/Gangnam Style craze. My co-workers and I needed cheap work-appropriate costumes for the company Halloween party. So one person wanted to dress as Psy, and well the rest of us decided to be a K Pop group inspired by this image...

Our end result...

Yea we even danced for our co-workers (no I am not posting the video)

Anyways, I decided to recycle that shirt and re-vamp it a little for the color run. Nothing more colorful than an 80s vibe!

First, I cut ~1 inch slits along each side of the shirt.

Next, I started pulling the loops through each other.

1. Grab second loop and pull through the bottom loop (towards the left). Followed by pulling the loop towards you.

2. Grab next loop (third one) and pull through the second loop (toward the left). Followed by pulling the third loop towards you (and to the right some).

3. Continue doing this until the whole side is complete. It will sort of look like a braid.

I tied the last loops together (yay no sew!), but you can probably come up with a neater solution.

Don't forget to do the other side!

After I "braided" the sides, I cut the neck wider so that I could have an off the shoulder look.

The end result!!!

I added a colored tank top for contrast

My friend wrote my name in Korean on the back :)

Not too bad if I do say so myself. I'll add pictures from my ColorRun later :)

Happy crafting and running!