Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Baby is Brewing: Tea Bag Covers

I am in the process of making favors for my sister's baby shower. Since her baby shower is going to involve a tea party I decided to decorate some tea bags. Note: these aren't the only favors (I have a bigger idea, I am just waiting on my special online order to arrive, then I will share my idea).

Scrapbook paper
Paper cutter (quicker and straighter than scissors)
Stapler (staples)
Printer paper
double sided tape

1. Measure 90mm x 150mm rectangle from scrap book paper

2. Fold the sides so that a tea bag can fit (see below)

I am using lipton tea because it helps the rain forest!

3. Fold the paper hamburger style (yes back to elementary terminology)

4. Fold the corners

5. Fold the top down slightly 

6. Staple it together (and call it bad weather...sorry Jack Johnson just popped in my head)

7. Staple some leftover paper to cover the lipton tea tag (now it matches the bag cover)

So cute, but not done yet

8. Now make it personal by adding a note, "A Baby is Brewing...insert baby's name"

9. Add to favor bag ...
Maybe buy cheap tea cups, fill with candy and add on top as a favor.
Get personalized travel mugs, fill with candy, and adhere to cup
You can see my idea in a future blog :)
Happy Crafting :)

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