Saturday, June 1, 2013

Diaper Cakes


Baby Shower #1: Jungle Themed
So, my sister and her husband are in the baby making business. This means that there is another baby shower to be had. I threw together a diaper cake for her first one (pic above), and everyone wanted to know how I made it. So, since I had to make another one I decided to take a few pics and blog about it.

Paper towel tube
Piece of cardboard
Hot Glue Gun (glue sticks)
Ribbon and bows
Rubber bands
A whole lotta diapers (this cake used 96)
Whatever else you want to decorate it with (this is a simple diaper cake...I may add more to it later)

 1. Roll up diapers into cylinders and use a rubber band to hold them together. It is important to keep the rubber bands in the middle of the diapers for the entire cake making process. It will make it easier to hide them later.

2. Hot glue the paper towel tube to the cardboard piece (my rabbit go a hold of the paper towel tube, but that's okay, I can still use it).

3. Place a rubber band around the tube and stick some rolled diapers between the rubber band and tube.

4. Use rubber bands to create a matrix by wrapping around already secured diapers and adding more diapers.

5. Keep building the matrix until the bottom layer is as big as you want.

6. Add the second layer by placing a rubber band around the paper towel tube and then placing diapers between the band and tube.

7. Continue to build the matrix until the second layer has a slightly smaller diameter than the bottom layer.

8. Add the third layer the same way as the second. Again making the diameter slightly smaller than the layer before. It's starting to look like a tiered cake. Yay!

9. Now, add one rolled diaper in the top center. It will sit directly on the paper towel tube, and it will create another tier.

10. If you have any left over diapers just shove them in any of the tiers between diapers and rubber bands and squish them in there to keep the circular shape.

 11. Tie decorative ribbon around the middle of each tier to hide the rubber bands.

12. Add a bow to the top of the cake.

13. Add any other decorations you feel fit. Maybe the baby shower is also jungle themed or duck themed or tea party themed. Get creative. Or you can add some pacifiers and rattles. Or just leave it plain and simple like this one (pic below).

Total cost to make: $30 ($25 for diapers alone). Definitely cheaper than ordering one already made. Also, to save on diapers go to there are always diaper coupons.

Happy crafting!

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