Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tea Themed Cupcake Baby Shower Favors

It's the final countdown until my sister's baby shower! Less than one week away, and I am scrambling to finish the favors. I had special ordered one part of them, and it took over a month to get here! After assembling the first one, I just had to take pictures and share them with you guys. They turned out adorable!

What you need:
1. silicone teacup bake& serve cupcake (they came in packs of 4)
2. recipe to make one cupcake
3. "It's a girl/boy" Hershey kisses
4. personalized "a baby is brewing" teabags
5. ribbon
6. some sort of wrapping to hold it together

First, I assembled the teabags and put them to the side.

Next, I separated the "teacups" from their sets of four. 

Next, I put the teabags in the "teacup" and filled the rest of the cup with the Hershey kisses.

Then, I wrapped the "teacup" in this sparkly mesh I found (at A.C. Moore), and tied it off with a pink ribbon.

I finally tied on a recipe for one cupcake. I edited  the recipe card with Microsoft paint.

And voila! Adorable :) Perfect for a "Tea/Cupcake" themed Baby Shower.

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