Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY Boutonniere


I'm BACK! Sorry for the semi-long absence. Life has been extremely busy. Since, my last post: I 1) gave my sister's baby shower, 2) became aunt x2 (second niece), 3) left one job, and 4) started a new job as a FORENSIC SCIENTIST (finally!!). Plus I've been busy with all this wedding planning. At least I got some blog's topic...BOUTONNIERES (which I have to keep re-typing because the spelling is not staying in my long term memory). 

While I got my husband-to-be to work on our save-the-dates (such a good guy), I made 1 out of 9 boutonnieres for the wedding. Why so many you ask? Well, I need one for the handsome groom, 6 for his groomsmen, 1 for my tomboy bridesmaid (she wants to wear a suit), and 1 for my bridesman. Since, I don't want to be overwhelmed I am going to make a few at a time instead of one large batch. I now have 349 days until my last name becomes Hickey (boo lol). 

So to keep with the Tree Hugger theme I've decided to make the boutonnieres with recycled paper. To go one step beyond, I am using fair trade recycled paper along with beads from the organization, Bead for Life. If you want to know more about Bead for Life you can visit their website by clicking on the the previous link. The purpose of using the beads is to match the bridesmaid jewelry that I gave them. You can check it out in this post

I opted to make paper boutonnieres not only to help out these organizations, but so that people from our wedding party will have cute keepsakes as well. I however am not creative enough to come up with a flower template so I used the instructions on this website and just eyeballed it. I made the flowers a lot smaller than this happy crafter. Then, I added my own flair to them. 

To start you will need:
1. Fair Trade Recycled Paper (okay you can use any paper, but please recycle!)
2. Hot glue gun and some glue
3. Scissors
4. Stem Wire
5. Stem Tape
6. Bead for Life beads (or any beads you want)
7. Bead Wire
8. Hemp
9. Pearl head pins (when the time comes)

Once you've gathered your supplies you can start assembling your boutonniere, YAY!!!

I started by following the directions on the aforementioned website. I cut the petals, curled the edges, and started gluing them to the stem wire (smallest to largest). For added flair, I found some some fabric leaves to attach. Next, I wrapped the stem wire and leaf's wire with stem tape and secured with more glue. I strung 4 different colored beads on the bead wire and wrapped it around the flower. I finished the look with a hemp bow.  



Happy Crafting and Wedding Planning :)


  1. These are beautiful! I love how crafty and environmentally friendly these are. What a great idea, miss you!! <3