Friday, October 4, 2013

Cute DIY Save-the-Dates from Recycled Wood!

Tree Slice Save-the-Date Magnet!
As soon as I said YES, I started using pinterest and stumbleupon to find wedding ideas. I prefer internet browsing since it involves less paper. I, also, really hate buying magazines to tear out maybe one useful article. Anyways, I came across this idea to make a tree slice magnet. At first I was like awesome, it goes with our Adirondack wedding, but then I was like bummer it is not very treehugger (more like treekiller). 

Yes a Ferngully reference!
Anyways, I tried to search for an alternative Save-the-Date, but I really liked the magnets. So, I researched for a tree-friendly alternative, and I found a friendly Ebay seller. He was selling various wood slices, and I was curious how he had so many, so I emailed him. Turns out he cleans up fallen trees after storms then cuts them up. Can you say RECYCLED!?! I also lucked out that I could just purchase them and not go through the whole bidding war.  Anyways, you probably want the instructions

1.5-2" wood slices (I got 100 for $15)
wood burning kit ($10 online)
pencil (super cheap!)
hot glue gun and glue (already had)
magnetic strip (already had, but I think I found it cheap on Amazon)

Step 1: Draw your design with pencil onto the wood slice (I had to go with M + S because S + M looked wrong!)

Step 2: Get fiance to wood burn the design for you (Not bad for a Lefty)

Step 3: Glue magnet to back (I also wrote with thin sharpie on the back "Made from Recycled Wood")

Step 4: Come up with pretty packaging design with the rest of the info

P.S. You don't have to do this just for save-the-dates! How cool would it be to burn a Victorian silhouette into one of these! Or any design really, be creative, and feel free to share!

Happy Crafting!