Sunday, February 9, 2014

Indoor Gardening- Growing Romaine from Stumps

This post ought to make for happy bunnies. Though I feel like they're pretty happy after destroying my favorite pillow (see video below).

Anyways, This winter has given me serious cabin fever and I've just been itching to start gardening. Since my free time is almost non-existent, I've been looking up minimal care indoor gardening. I found a way to grow romaine lettuce from the left over stumps - yay recycle/reduce/reuse! I figured that this is perfect especially when I look like a crazy person at the grocery store buying bags and bags of lettuce. You have no idea how much bunnies go through in a week! I've been doing this for a week and these are the results so far - pretty impressive right!?!

Day 1: After using all the lettuce on my bunnies, I kept the stump and put it in a shallow bowl with ~1/2 inch water and placed the bowl in indirect sunlight. 

Day 1 continued: I also wanted to see if it would grow more evenly if I cut the stump off the lettuce right when I got it.
Day 2: I changed the water

Days 3-5: I continued to change the water daily and added a couple more stumps. 

I found the results to be ah-mah-zing! I will re-post pictures in the next couple of weeks to show my progress :)

Happy Gardening!

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