Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo Piñata Treat Boxes

I saw this idea on Oh Happy Day Blog, but decided to change her instructions slightly and make it my own. I really liked this idea because it is a recycling craft...yay saving trees!

Materials Needed
Cardboard Food Boxes (cereal, soda cartons, beer cartons, cracker boxes, etc.)
Tacky Glue
Crepe Paper (many colors)
Masking Tape
Assorted Small Candies
Cute Printable Tags (I found mine on

First, I free-styled a llama pattern. You need 2 per pinata.

Next, I cut all my patterns and ~1 inch thick strips for the border.

Next, I started taping the border along the edge of each pattern. And when the border was complete I added candy.

Next, I assembled a little "bridge" so that the head portion and tail portion can slide into each other. I just took scraps and taped 2 on the outside and 2 on the inside, so that it's snug.

Next, I finished assembling all my llamas.

Now it's time to add the fringe. So, I took crepe paper strips and folded them in half hotdog style. Then I cut strips halfway up towards the crease.

Once, my strips were set. I started gluing the onto my head portions and tail portions creating patterns. Always start from the bottom, so that you can layer them.

Tada! A tag can be tied around the neck with a ribbon. Then you can hand them out. All people have to do is pull the head from the tail and shake the candy out!

Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy crafting!

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