Friday, May 16, 2014

DIY Banners!

At my job we need to take all these exams to be deemed qualified in our field. Well, one of my co-workers has an exam today, and I thought I'd brighten her spirits and decorate her cubicle.

1. Banner Template
2. Cardstock paper
3. Colorful Paper
4. Scissors, Glue/Tape
5. String
1st I found a banner template on Fairy Tales. I am sure you can wing this without a template.
Next, I printed the template on card stock paper, cut it out, and used it as a pattern.

Then, I went through all my scrap papers (yay recycling!), and found patterns with similar bright colors.

Then, I opened up Microsoft Word, and typed out the message that I wanted to use.  For this pattern size, I used Monotype Corsiva Font 72 and put 4 spaces between each letter. 

Then, I took the cap off a juice container, cleaned it, and used it as a pattern for my letters. It worked out great because you could see through the cap to make sure your letter was centered. 

Next, I used double sided tape to adhere the letters to the banners (I ran out of glue thanks to my Pinata Project).

Then, I folded over the edge, and cut off any overhangs.

Then, I added my double sided tape.

Then, finished folding the flap over the string (I used Hemp).

Make sure all your letters are in the right order!
You can always assemble the banner then add the letters.

Voila! Good Luck!!!

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