Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Movie Themed Wedding Seating

I always say that my hubby and I wouldn't be able to have a conversation if we couldn't quote a movie in it. So, we decided to have fun with our seating. So this is what we did:

Each table was given a movie title. For our table numbers we used a movie poster in a 5x7 frame. Here are a couple of the movies (we geared the movies towards who would be sitting at that table):

 For the escort cards, we played a game:

The guests were each given a quote, and had to guess the movie that it came from (we put the answer on the back to help them out). Here is one of the tables cards. I made these using Microsoft Word, then cut them with a heavy duty paper cutter. Quotes are easily found on IMDB.

To keep our rustic theme going, we bought little Adirondack chair place card holders.


If we had more time we would've added props to each table, oh well. 

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