Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Card

Thumb Bunny Loves You!

Blank Note Cards
Black Ink Stamp Pad
Thin Sharpies

I was at Target and saw a card like this. A few thoughts went through my head. 1.) This card is perfect from me - I am a proud owner of 2 rescued buns (see pictures below) and the fingerprint goes along with my background in Forensics (I personally prefer DNA though). 2.) It came in a pack of 8 and I only needed to send a card to a few people. 3.) I t was kind of pricey. 4.) I can make this - I have all the materials at home!

It's really simple, you stick your thumb in ink and stamp the center of the note card. I let the ink dry overnight so that there was no smudging. The next day I used my artistic skills to draw bunnies (using my own as models of course) and then tried really hard to keep my handwriting neat. On the inside of the card I wrote Happy Valentine's Day, but you can also save these for Easter - just change the greeting!

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