Sunday, February 1, 2015

H1Z1 vs DayZ

It's been a while since I posted about video games, so here you go!

I just started playing both H1Z1 and DayZ. Both games are in their early development stages and both very similar. They are both MMO's set in a zombie apocalyptic world. You can read more about them by clicking on the game links below....

And just for fun here is a link to a twitch user who plays both games a lot and very well...

To start, I created a table below (because I'm a nerd and love Excel) with a quick comparison of the games. I also threw in DayZ Alpha information, but I haven't played that version. 

Now, here's more on my personal opinion (I made a list because I LOVE LISTS):
1. I like the concept behind both games. 
2. You start out with basically nothing but the clothes on your back, a flashlight, and in H1Z1 you also have flares and gauze. 
3. Both games spawn you randomly in a zombie apocalyptic world; DayZ's map is currently larger. Both games are easier to navigate if you have access to the maps on another tab or a second monitor (H1Z1 map and DayZ map). Since H1Z1 is in English it is easier for me to navigate and meet up with other players. With DayZ, I was basically trying to find the coast and based on its shape I could figure out where I was until I started getting familiar with the map, but the map is huge so it's definitely going to take a while before I know every location that's not on the coast. 
4. I like that you can craft things in both maps, but I love that you can craft a bow at the start of H1Z1, so you have immediate protection. There is also more access to berries and water. I died more in DayZ by not having food/water than anything else. 
5. I like in DayZ that you can jump servers and keep your gear. Some servers have a lot of loot, while others have near to none. In H1Z1 you can get loot off the zombies you kill, which based on rumors the loot comes from other players who were killed by zombies and turned. 
6. In both games it is very common to be killed/betrayed by other players. It's a lot more common in H1Z1 because the map is smaller and you can run into dozens of people at once. 
7. I hate DayZ glitches!!! The zombies can attack you through walls, your gear randomly disappears, and I've had to wait out and die because my character kept getting stuck in buildings!!! All my loot gone!!!
8. In DayZ you can customize your character in the beginning, and in H1Z1 everyone looks the same.
9. Overall, I see H1Z1 being better especially because the developers goal was to take the bones of DayZ and make it better - they are constantly improving the game. Either way, I am having fun with both. 

And to end this post, since I am no game expert, I also added some links (and a video) that go more in depth with the game comparisons. Enjoy!!!

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